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Promaxis stands alone in its ability to provide a unique and complimentary blend of services to our customers. Promaxis has served private industry and all three levels of government for more than 40 years. How have we endured and continue to prosper?

Our commitment to service excellence
We satisfy our clients and partners with work of the highest quality, delivered at an affordable price.

Our emphasis on talent recruitment and development
We believe the best way to ensure our clients are well-served is to attract skilled and dedicated people, and treat them well.

Our familiarity with current government procurement policies
We keep abreast of all the latest developments and pursue all relevant contracting vehicles.

These principles are the foundation for all that we do in our chosen areas of expertise such as Professional Services Engineering, Professional Services IM/IT, Technical Documentation, and Training.

We compliment these service areas with our own Custom Metal Fabrication facility and Telecommunications/Interconnect product line. This allows us to provide a unique and comprehensive service package that is of particular value to the high-technology sector.

We invite you to explore our site to discover the many ways Promaxis can contribute to your success.