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Promaxis Systems Inc. has a requirement for Senior Computer Applications Support

If you have the following qualifications, we are very interested in talking with you about this opportunity;

• Prepare a work plan to develop business and information requirements for priority IM and IT capabilities of DRDC including tasks, responsibilities and timelines;
• Based on review of documents and input from stakeholders – Provide a high level report on the capabilities to be included in a single DRDC intranet, and the rough level of effort and sequencing of its sub-components, including any assumptions made - by Mid Jan 13
• Based on approved priorities, collect business and information requirements for sub-projects of the single intranet from senior management, managers, functional specialists, scientists and agency staff.
• Report on requirements identified to sponsors and stakeholders and make recommendations on project timelines and sequencing.
• Record relevant information and provide it to DRDC including: information necessary to update the to-be view of the DRDC Enterprise Architecture, corporate records, commitments, activity, decisions, and advice;


• An educational background including an undergraduate degree in Commerce, Engineering or Computer Science and 60 months of experience in the business analysis field, OR 120 months of experience in the business analysis field.
• 60 months of experience, in the last 96 months, in business process mapping and analysis of interactions between business processes;
• 36 months of experience, in the last 60 months, in analyzing information exchange requirements, transaction and report design and management;
• 36 months of experience, in the last 60 months, in developing requirements for enterprise resource planners and the integration of their reports and transactions with other applications;

The Computer Business Analyst will be rated with the following criteria:
• Experience working in a scientific, government or military environment in the last 60 months;
• Experience working on strategic government business architecture projects in the last 60 months;
• Graduate of a Business Architecture Certificate program or equivalent;
• Graduate of a Project Management Certificate or equivalent;
• Holder of a valid PMP Certification;

LANGUAGE: Bilingual


If this is of interest to you, please forward your resume, in MS word format. Please indicate the reference number in the subject line of the e-mail. All resumes will be considered, however, only those candidates that clearly meet the requirements will be contacted. We thank you for your interest.

Closing date: November 26, 2012

(Please Note that this position may have been filled prior to the closing date. Applicants may call to confirm if the position is still available. However, as we receive these requests on an on-going basis we will be accepting resumes for future opportunities).

Closing Date:

Please send your résumé (as an MS Word attachment) to:
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